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About Us

At Typhoon Noodle we specialize in the noodles and the Authentic Szechuan style. Since it is a Szechuan style most of the food is spicy but we can adjust the spice to your taste. Along with our noodles, we have over 14 flavors of boba and toppings, homemade curry, wok fried rice, and a huge vegetarian selection.

We here at Typhoon prioritize ourselves with food quality, fast service, great taste, and more. All our food is prepared right on the spot. We try to bring food to your tables in 5-15 minutes after you sit down. All our recipes are tasted and tested before we serve them to you. We hope to give you the best dining experience with out chalk art on the walls, and the roomy pots of plants.

We have spent many many days on our interior decorating to make it look more like a unique brand new restaurant that almost doesn’t resemble the old Hardee’s it once was. Our wall art of Blue Ridge Parkway and Biltmore House was drawn by Kanas Lam. Our idea of the wall art was to tie our Asian Fusion with Asheville to make all of our customers feel at home here at our fine dinning establishment.

We don’t just care about our food and it’s taste, we care about the community, all our food is at a reasonable price for the average salary of a man and woman, and our interior is made to make all customers feel at home while they dine here.